Irish Recipes

Irish Recipes :  

 Ireland's recipes

Irish home cooking and baking - from farmhouse to castle.

Irish recipes reflect the high quality of ingredients available from the rich land - good beef, lamb and pork, rich cream, splendid seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, and wonderful grain for our satisfying breads. Irish cooking and Irish baking range from farmhouse breakfast to castle banquet. From Dublin, Ireland's capital, come recipes such as Dublin Coddle, a vegetable and sausage dish, and Dublin Lawyer, a heady mixture ofPea and Ham soup lobster, cream and Irish Whiskey. Examples of Ireland's traditional home cooking, indeed the highest examples of Ireland's food and drink combined, are dishes such as Beef in Guinness, Irish Stew, and Porter Cake. No menu would be complete without an Irish coffee.

Ireland's baking tradition covers a wonderful range of breads, cakes and pastries. From country kitchen soda breads and barmbracks, so long an essential part of the staple diet, to refined cakes created in the "big houses": simple to follow instructions will soon have you turning out favourites such as Wheaten Bread, Buttermilk Scones and Porter Cake, together with more unusual fare such as Irish Chocolate Cake, Vanilla and Lemon Curd Cake and Flakemeal Crunchies. Every delicious aspect of traditional Irish baking can still be enjoyed today.

Food and drink from Ireland, straightforward recipes using readily available ingredients, will provide anyone with filling stews, soups, meals and sweets for all occasions. We aim to demonstrate the worldwide appeal of Irish cooking and baking.