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Ghosts reported on live webcam in haunted Belfast linen mill.

Press Release

This is an account that reads like an updated Victorian melodrama. It involves the tragic death of a young lady in mysterious circumstances, a haunted building and the discovery of a veritable hidden treasure.

During the past year over two million web surfers have joined in the Great Irish Ghostwatch. Hosted by Internet publisher,, many visitors have reported seeing the ghost of a 16-year-old girl on a live webcam. The Great Irish Ghostwatch had been scheduled to take place over a one-week period during Halloween 1998. However, such was the interest and demand that it was installed on a permanent basis.

In a separate, but related, development, a recording has been found of the girl singing. It had been recorded just weeks before her death. The sightings have been made on a camera connected to the Internet and broadcasting round the clock. It is installed in a haunted former Irish Linen mill in downtown Belfast.

The ghostly apparitions are believed to be the spirit of a 16-year-old girl, now identified as Helena Blunden. Helena lost her life in a tragic accident in the building on 14 April 1912. Records indicate that she tripped on a floor brush left carelessly at the top of a flight of stairs. The Coroner recorded that she died instantly of a broken neck following a fall down the stairwell from the top floor of the building.

In an ironic and poignant twist of fate she died the very day Titanic sank. It had been built in Harland and Wolff's Belfast shipyards within sight of where she worked. Helena, along with others in the mill had been employed only months earlier making tablecloths for the first class dining room on the doomed liner.

The building is located in Belfast's Linen Conservation area and now houses a printing firm. Following a number of mysterious happenings in the works, staff became convinced that it was haunted.

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