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Standing Stones

The Leprechaun Watch

The six stone Dolmen

The dolmen is a group of six large standing stones topped by an even larger capstone. It is this unusual confluence of enchanted glen, fairy ring, sacred stones and magical tree which gives the team organising the watch a high degree of confidence of a sighting.

Close by in Ballyseanrath, just over a low hillock, lies a farm of land recently inherited by a young solicitor from Dublin. We shall call this young man Barra Coogan to protect his privacy. He is after all a lawyer. Coogan made some radical changes to the way the land was worked. He had several fields knocked into one. In the process he destroyed a number of stonewalls, some thousands of years old, but more seriously, cut down a fairy tree. Almost at once a series of personal and family disasters followed. These culminated in the death of an entire herd of cattle. Locals are convinced that fairies were responsible. Join in this live cam Watch and see if you can spot a Leprechaun.

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