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The Leprechaun fairy watch Tipperary, Ireland

The leprechaun fairy watch webcam is in a hidden location in the field in Tipperary, Ireland. This is an enchanted area, well known for magical associations. There is fairy ring close-by and you may see leprechauns and other Irish fairies such as pookas, banshees and merrows.

The picture will refresh automatically every 30 seconds. Don't forget, if you see a leprechaun, pookas, banshees or other Irish fairy please help us by reporting your sighting! You can also read other sightingsof leprechauns previously reported.

This is a non-java version of the leprechaunwatch. It may not refresh properly. Click here to manually refresh.

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Because the Leprechaun Watch is in the countryside in a remote part of Ireland there is only natural light and there will be little or nothing to see after dark and before dawn. The time shown is the current time in Tipperary, Ireland. In the summer in Ireland it is often bright enough until quite late at night. Following some damage to the setup during an unusually cold snap in early 2011 and some very blustery weather a month or two later we took the opportunity to locate the camera nearer to the area where most sightings have been reported. We have left in place the videos taken at the previous locations.

If you wish to capture a copy of what you have seen this page will allow you to do so. Right click on the picture to save it to your computer.

Did you see something? Please tell us!

This video was made on St Patrick's Day last year in the general area of the fairy ring. In the trees on the right, around 8 seconds into the video, something can be glimpsed running past at high speed. It is too far away to claim that it is a leprechaun or some other form of Irish fairy but who knows?

This video was taken over the period of one day using a time-lapse camera at the site of the leprechaun watch. During this period various creatures put in an appearance. None of them is thought to be a leprechaun.

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