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The Leprechaun Watch

Leprechaun Sightings!

Here are some of the sightings we have received from viewers since the Leprechaun Watch began. Have you seen any of these happenings. Don't forget to take a look at the webcam and you never know what you might see.

I saw something small walking through the forest!

there was a flicker of something brown with flitting wings

I keep see little orbs like lights roaming around the camera

i saw the vague image of a leprchaun he was holding two sacks. he sat on a brown log and just stared at me. he satared for almost 10 minutes and then realized that I (or the camera) was watching so he ran. he must have been fast because the screen gave the effect of him being fast by making everything all blurry. he looked like a picture from a story book.

I see a vague outline of a person. Maybe a leprechaun. It's wearing green and is holding something. I can't tell what though. It looks like it's walking away. next to it i see a vague outline of what seems to be a green hat. this was between 9:45 and 9:49

i sall him right there

IT WAS FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!

There was a little leprechaun in the middle of he screen playing a flute!

It so cool!!!!!

I have seen a strange shadow moving. It has been very fast ! I think, it was a Leprechauns ! I\'m so happy !!

In the little wee corner
Were a tiny wee man
Wid a little wee smoke
Past the camera he ran
He 'ad a clover in 'is hat
He was jolly and plump
Wid a little brown pipe
He's outragously fat!

In the bottom-right hand corner we saw something that looked like a little man winking right at the camera. He knows he's being watched!

Wow that was wild the whole picture was lite up with pirple and blue lights and when it refreashed they were all gone, also @about 6:22 there was a little face and it was moving like it was talking or something

Me and my dad were sat on the sofa and we were just watching recess on television and my dad said whats that stood there so we refreshed the page and it was still there it has been there for 10 minutes now

I see a smiling face on the left and what appears to be a reddish bowl/pot on the right. Bless them for sharing their world with us.

You may not believe me I saw somthing sitting there and then as soon as I saw it, it was gone. My freind saw it as well.

I saw a small figure his apparel was seen easily, the unknown figure was wearing a pointed cap red in colour, a white undershirt and a green vest with green shoes and either brown or olive colour breeches, carrying a cane or something in one hand and a skin pouch filled with some kind of liquid his hair was red or black, quite astonishing really.

I see a face down near the rocks. It looks like its peering from behind them. and its grinning.

i dont see a tree but i see a rock wall with a bush near it i saw this at 12:22 p.m. im not sure wat it is but just telling ya i saw wat looked like a blue creature wearing a hat on the wall

It was INSANE! okay so there was a fairy right? and it went right by me! I could feel the wind when it went by! that's how close it was! His little legs were going like there was no tomorrow!

i saw a wee leprechaun jumping up and down on his head in the bottom left section of the grass. he was having lots of fun fun fun ! ! !

I saw a pixie type creature wearing what looked like a red and black Bohs scarf.

Little Blue Leprechaun sitting on a stone. There is also a tall spirit with a very clear face standing behind the stones. directly below him, in front of the stones, I can see another face but it is not as clear as the leprechaun or the spirit behind the stones. It is 11:01 pm Tipperary time.

we saw a little man sat down with his arms out straight

At the bottom of the picture I see a face with a hat on it.

I saw what looked to be a face peaking out of the rocks...when i refreshed the wecam the image had looked like a fairy!!

We think we saw two shadows of two men. When the image "refreshed" the shadows (outlines) were gone. It was really a fairy or some type of motion.

I see his hat. He has a round stomach.

I saw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw them with my own eyes, Man.

It looked like a leprchaun head

There were two little fat leprechhauns. It looked like they were talking. Cool!!!!!!

I would like to know where the light is coming from. I was here when it was daylight, and I didn't catch anything that would cause the light. If is a passing car, then why doesn't it move.. Could it be just something relfecting off the camera? It doesn't move or go away.. So it has to be something stationary causeing the light.

It was so cool!! My brother said he saw a little man next to the tree, just standing there. Well I hope I see one soon, I come here alot, but I have never seen a leprechaun or a ghost.

I have sent a former sighting to this web-site, which was reporting the sighting of the green shoe with a curled toe, and now I see a leg coming out of the shoe.

There appears to be a small path leading into the tree right in front of the screen; could the leprechauns be living/hiding in the tree?;-D

I'm a fairy believer myself. I've always been since a child. And because of my belief and gifts to the fairies I've seen them. Here I've seen 3 very vivid Leprechuans and a fiew more but not as vivid.

it is 12:41 over there and i see a little light in d2. i think it is a leprican because i have gotten on this web-site befor around this time and have never seen that befor

I saw a light!!!

well I cant really see anything cause it's day time over there during the middle of the night here but i'll keep looking

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