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The Leprechaun Watch

Leprechaun Sightings!

Here are some of the sightings we have received from viewers since the Leprechaun Watch began. Have you seen any of these happenings. Don't forget to take a look at the webcam and you never know what you might see.


I see three lights as indicated aboveone bright one on the line between D1and D2, the other two in a horizontal line beneath the bright one.

I saw a cloud of red smoke

I come here a lot, but I have seen nothing at all! The suspence makes me come back, but I wish I could see something! Everyone, keep looking!!!

sre you trying to find them or Do you no they're there?

Light is almost gne

Looks like the light is dimingit looks like a tiny flash light

I saw a small figure with a tiny sack,it opened it up and there was something shiny inside.

I have printed off 150 frames, cut them to size and stapled them together (like a book) I was amazed when I flicked through the pages. There in the top right hand corner was the the little blighter, grinning at me.

I see 2 bright tiny lights shining 1 yellow 1 green.

just barely can make out a figure, not sure of color

A faint light on the very edge of grid D1

I saw three balls of light, one lighter on top and two not as light. It was 9:50-9:51 p.m.

it was like a shape of a head popping out

my daughter & I saw what may have been 1 or 2 leprecons on the large rock

I saw a little point of light, two actually, one slightly larger and brighter than the other, the more i look at them, the more i feel like someone's staring at me sideways

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