Danny Dowdells - Angel Jo and the Brackish People

Danny Dowdells front cover A wonderful hilarious book, with many insights into the way Ulster people, Protestant and Catholic, think about each other. The fictional townland of Ballybracken, somewhere in mid-Ulster, is peopled by a gaggle of unforgettable countryfolk. Characters like the philandering Robbie, social climbing Rosie, the hapless Jim McKnight and his mother, with her subtle but toxic use of ‘petticoat power’, the wealthy grand dame, Mrs. McKendry’s and so many more that will live long in the reader’s imagination.

Follow the antics of Danny himself, so likeable, clever and wily, his useless self-admiring guardian angel Jo, Danny’s striving mother, Rosie, and her partner, Robbie, their hand-to-mouth existence intertwined and contrasted so skilfully in the story with that of the immensely wealthy McKendry and the noble Roxborough families. A great true-to-life story told with much laugh-out-loud humour.

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