Irish Culture

Irish culture is rich in its diversity. In this section of we give you a series of articles on many aspects of this culture. From the many great Irish dishes including Boxty and Champ. We also bring you a complete section on Irish names including family names, first names and place names. Irish culture also extends to the Irish language and amazing stories of Irish myth and legend. If you are interested in Irish culture you have come to the right place.

Some featured articles

The Children of Lir - A long time ago, thousands of years ago, the Gaels invaded Ireland, and defeated the people who were there before them. The classic tale of the Children of Lir. [ More tales of Irish Myth... ]

A short history of the Irish Language. [ More articles like this... ]

Champ - Champ is a simple warming dish which is cheap, easy to produce and very filling. [ More Irish recipes... ]

Soda Bread - This bread is popular throughout Ireland. [ More Irish recipes... ]

MacNamara - This family name is closely connected with Co. Clare and is the most important sept of Dál gCais - ancient Irish chieftains dating back to prehistoric times - after the O'Briens of this county. [ More Irish Names... ]

Other Irish Culture Articles

Eating and Drinking

Irish Recipes - From simple dishes and baking to tasty treats, we present a series of traditional Irish dishes.

Irish Names

Family Names - Over 50 of the best known Irish family names explaining the history and associations of each.

First Names - The derivation and history of selected Irish first names.

Place Names - From Addergoole to Urbalshinny. Ireland's place names with explanations of their various forms and roots.

Song and Dance

Irish Songs - From drinking and love songs to humourous songs and songs of place.

Traditional Music - Irish music has been seen as many things. These articles give a comprehensive introduction.

Irish Dance - Learn the history and some of the steps from Irish Dance.

Oral Tradition

Irish Myth and Legend - Fantastical myths and legends of Ireland.

Irish Verse - Some examples of Irish verse.

The Irish Language - Articles relating to the Irish language.