Ireland History

From before the arrival of Saint Patrick to the present day Ireland has had a history that could never be called quiet. This section of presents a selection of articles on all aspects of Irish history covering the events and the people that have made an impact on this island.

Featured History Articles

Saint Patrick of Ireland - The patron of Ireland, St Patrick travelled throughout the country, converting pagans and building churches. [ more Irish Saints... ]

The Great Famine - The famine began in 1845 and transformed Irish social history as millions of impoverished peasants starved or were forced to emigrate. [ more articles like this... ]

Daniel O'Connell - O'Connell was born near Cahirciveen, Co Kerry, on 6 August 1775. Adopted by a childless uncle, Maurice 'Hunting Cap' O'Connell of Derrynane House, overlooking Kenmare Bay. [ more famous Irish people... ]

US Navy in Derry - The US Navy's stay in Londonderry during WWII. [ more articles... ]

Other Irish History Articles

The History of Ireland

Timeline of historic events - A series of articles covering some of the most important events and periods in time from Ireland's history

Home Away from Home - The story of the US Army's Northern Ireland sojourn during World War Two.

Background to the Irish Conflict - A 4 part series of articles covering the background to conflict in Ireland.

The People of Ireland

Who was Who - Profiles of some of the people who have shaped today's Ireland.

The stories of the People of Ireland - From the Celt onwards many peoples have called this island home.

Irish Saints - History and legends of well-known and obscure Irish holymen and women.

Famous Irish Writers - Poets, historians, philosophers, playwrights, novelists: Irish story tellers throughout history.

Stories of early Ulster Photography - Striking images from early Ulster photographers.

Historic Places in Ireland

Irish Castles - Every historic castle of Ireland both accessible and worth visiting.