Blarney Stone Kiss the Virtual Blarney Stone

Find out about the legend of the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in County Cork. Then try to kiss our Virtual Blarney Stone and receive the 'Gift of the Gab'.

GhostWatch GhostWatch at

Help us in our hunt to find the ghost of an old linen mill. A webcam has been set up in a disused room where reported sightings have been seen.

Titanic times Titanic Times

Discover life in Belfast during the early part of this century. Find out about where the Titanic was built and how the sinking of the great liner was reported in the local papers of the day.

Blarney Stone Hidden Ireland

St Patrick's legacy of Christianity gave Ireland its image of 'saints and scholars'. These rose from among the ancient tribes and kingdoms of ancient Ireland, whose religions worshipped the trees and lakes, stones and animals of the wild landscape.

We present, in this special feature, a reflection on some creatures of Irish myth which may not be entirely fictional.

Other special features

Random Proverb Generator : gives you the opportunity to experience the wit and charm of some traditional Irish Proverbs. If you have a website of your own you and would like to put these random Proverbs on it then we will be pleased to give you the opportunity to do so.

An Introduction to Tracing Your Irish Roots : Have you ever wondered about your forebears - where they lived, what their occupations were, how many children they had? presents this special introduction into how to go about tracing your Irish roots.

Saint Patrick's Mission : The story behind Saint Patrick's life and times in Ireland. The places he visited and the way he is remembered today.