While Patrick's sphere of immediate activity seems to have been in the northern half of the island, he claimed ecclesiastical authority over the southern provinces also. His description of himself was not as bishop in a particular province but as bishop of all Ireland. He baptised the sons of Dunlang, King of Leinster and visited the royal palace at the hill of Cashel where he baptised the sons of Natfraich, King of Munster. In Ardagh, County Longford, Patrick built a church. The foundation of the church established the village in the fifth century. One act ascribed to Patrick in Leinster is the consecration as bishop of Fíacc, the Fair, a pupil of the poet Dubthach.

The cup and paten which Patrick gave to Fíacc were preserved at the church where his memory was specially cherished. Patrick preached and founded churches in the ancient kingdoms of Ailech and Oriel. He is said to have consecrated the site of a church at Coleraine in County Derry and a stone on which he sat was shown at Dunseverick, on the shore of the northern sea. In the Diocese of Down and Connor, many churches attribute origins to him, including Glenavy and Glenarm in County Antrim.

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