Patrick and his followers decided to celebrate Easter near Tara, because it was the greatest kingdom among the Irish tribes which practised idolatry. The pagan tribes held a fire feast on the same night as Patrick intended to celebrate Easter. The pagan custom forbade anybody lighting a fire before a fire was visible in the palace of Tara. Patrick lit the paschal fire on the plain below the palace. The fire was observed from the Hill of Tara and the druid told the enraged king Loegaire that unless the offending fire was extinguished that same night, it would never be put out.

A contest between Patrick and the druids ensued, the druids inveighed Patrick to work miracles. The druids' miracles were malevolent, causing unnatural storms of thunder and snow. Patrick was able to undo their evil. One druid attempted to work a miracle using fire but his burnt to death. King Loegaire is enraged by the death of the druid but he did not attack Patrick. Reluctantly, the king and his followers converted to Christianity.

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