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irish ghosts and banshees

Irish ghosts and tales from haunted Ireland

ghosts and spirits of Ireland Irish ghosts and supernatural beings come in all shapes and sizes, from near-invisible bog sprites to the awful Crom Cruach, or the Dullahan, headless astride his terrible black steed. We still hear of vengeful spirits, mischievous ghosts and disembodied voices - places with spooky reputations and stories of terrible ends, but are all these events the fault of ghostly activity?

Irish ghosts are not confined to old tales of spooks and spirits in days of old, or to black, cold nights. They are kept busy, haunting modern and ancient ground. Spirits frequent castles and haunted houses, while that scariest of spooks, the banshee still pursues noble Irish families, through countryside and city streets. Helena Blunden is said to walk in the linen mill where she once worked, her last moments echoing off its walls from the early years of the twentieth century.

Ghost stories are no longer the preserve of the past. Modern technology has been brought in to prove the existence of this phantom named Helena - another of Ireland's restless spirits. The long-dead mill worker is, it seems, still around to be captured on live web cam.

Superstition and fact are not usually comfortable bedfellows. While the headless horseman and the Werewolves of Ossory may be incredible tales, Helen Blunden is a modern reminder of Irish ghosts.