Swords Castle,
County Dublin

Swords Castle was built as the manorial residence of the Archbishops of Dublin around 1200. It was never strong in the military sense, but covers a large walled area of nearly 1.5 acres. The adjoining chapel, built in the 13th century, was probably used as the Archbishop's private oratory. Other buildings, recorded for an inquisition in 1326, have now vanished, including the great hall.

The Archbishop abandoned Swords once a new palace was built at Tallagh in 1324 - a move no doubt encouraged by damage sustained during Bruce's campaign of 1317. By 1583, when briefly occupied by Dutch Protestants, it was described as "the quite spoiled old castle". It was used as a garden in the 19th century and sold after the Church of Ireland was disestablished.

Swords. NGR: O 182469.