Waterford Crystal, County Waterford

Waterford crystal is world-renowned, one of Ireland's best regarded craft products. Glass-making started in a major way in the city in 1783 and lasted until 1851; first period Waterford is greatly treasured. It was revived after World War II. In the visitor centre, an audio-visual presentation gives the history of glass-making in Ireland from medieval times, throught the establishment of the first Waterford Glass factory to present day production. Showrooms, restaurant. Near Waterford, another crystal glass company, Tipperary Crystal, founded by former Waterford workers, also welcomes visitors who can see the original hand crafted methods still being used. Showrooms.

Waterford Crystal:
2.5km (1.5 miles) W of Waterford City.
Admission charge.

Tipperary Crystal:
Ballynoran, near Carrick - on - Suir.
Admission free.