The Tack Room

Co. Limerick

It has been said by some that the best Irish coffee is served in this establishment. It is also said that one Irish coffee is enough, two is too many, and three not half enough.

In the event that you cannot visit this or another establishment serving the above, we present 'The Official Formula'.

Warm a stemmed glass. Add a generous measure of Irish whiskey, sugar to taste, and hot, strong, black coffee. Pour fresh cream, slightly whipped onto the top.

To make sure the cream floats, place a turned-over spoon at the edge of the glass just above the coffee. Pour cream gently over the back of the spoon until it rests lightly on the coffee.

The Irish pub and bar room contain the same kind of mix - talk and music which combine to produce the Irish entertainment known as 'the craic'.

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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