The Conrad Hotel, Dublin

As you enter the pub from the lobby of the five star Hotel Conrad, notice the decorative tile on the wall showing a jaunty fellow holding an umbrella and tipping his hat to you. This is Alfie Byrne (1882-1956 as the tile says), one of Dublin's most beloved Lord Mayors, who endeared himself to the city's street urchins by always carrying some sweets. He's shown here standing in front of the Lord Mayor's Mansion, and I'm sure he'd be quite pleased with the pub that bears his name.

Alfie Byrne's is an attractive place, with a long, sunken gallery looking out onto a courtyard and fountain. The fountain itself, a lyrical statue of a swirl of ducks, beautifully utilises stones that come from the streams and rivers of the West of Ireland. On mild days at noon, flocks of office workers take lunch out here, and the déor exudes an overall sense of polished brass and dark oak. Illustrations of traditional Irish pubs enliven the walls.

Piano and other music at weekends (jazz on Saturday). The varied menu is excellent, which means the place is packed at lunch, as is the case for Friday nights. Sunday night is the night for Alfie Byrne's if you're looking for peace and quiet.

You can find Alfie Byrne's in the Conrad Hotel, Dublin.

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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