Ramelton, Co. Donegal

A thatched roof, a nice little old bar with a high counter,and attractive country fixtures make this a good place to linger for a while. Notice the American pendulum clock. At the turn of the century, when somebody from the countryside emigrated to America,practically the first thing they'd send home would be a clock,because in those days not too many country families owned one.

These "American" clocks are really charming; they're obviously mass produced,usually made of a simple wood like pine and decorated with bits of carved curlicues and fretwork and a little painted pastoral scene. The clock maker would sign the piece with his name and the American town it was made in. They're cheap,cheerful clocks and look as though they came from a fairground, and of course now theyv'e become collectors' items.

Conway's in situated in beautiful Co. Donegal in the town of Ramelton.

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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