John McGing's

High Street, Westport, Co. Mayo

Don't walk too fast or you may miss this understated little treasure of a pub. The exterior is unremarkable and looks like a small old-fashioned grocery store - which, in actual fact, it is. The pub in the back room is more like a mini bar in someone's living room or basement; an acrylic tiled floor, an electric area heater, a small bar and a few stools, two lounge chairs, everything quite small, quite simple.

It's a plain place, but there's an aura about John McGing's, a sense of belonging, that you feel even on your first visit. People constantly pop in to buy groceries, exchanging pleasantries, little quips, knowing smiles, winks. Owner John McGing knows everyone, and as one of the oldest family run pubs in Westport, McGing's has long shared in the celebrations and tragedies of its people.

John is a treat, he knows his patrons, he knows his Westport and he knows pub laws dating to the turn of the century, but most of all he knows how to make you comfortable. Have a pint with John. You'll be happier for the experience, and while you're there, as him to read you "A Letter From a Kerryman's Mother". It's priceless.

You can find John McGing's in the west coast town of Wesport, County Mayo.

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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