County Galway

If you are an aficionado of single malt whiskey, O'Connell's is your pub, boasting one of Ireland's finest selections. The owner, Dave Lonegra, likes nothing better than to discuss the finer points of single malts.

Originally a grocery store and small bar, O'Connell's was converted to a full bar in the 1970s. The etched glass door still proclaims 'Grocery and Bar'. Vintage features include the pressed tin ceiling, tiled floor and bar tiles, stained glass windows and some interior lighting.

It is a genuine local pub, with a good atmosphere, congenial customers and a sense of history. Photographs and newspaper cuttings are framed on the reminding visitors of Ireland 100 years ago.

Eyre Square, Galway

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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