The Vineyard Cork City

Co. Cork

The Vineyard is about 200 years old and has been renovated with great taste and style. It is a large, rambling pub with two snugs and the traditional partitions along the bar; the centre of the room is capped with a superbly light, greenhouse-like glass ceiling raised on a wooden base. This bit of inspired architecture lends an airy quality to the whole, which is fortunate, as the place is almost always dense with smoke and people.

The Vineyard caters to a mixed group of the young and the businessman. It is a particular favourite with the rugby crowd, both fans and players. After a few hours in The Vineyard you will soon understand why the city of Cork has such a reputation for being sports-mad; much of the talk revolves around sports events, sports figures, sports stories, and even conversation itself is treated as a sport.

The people are exceptionally friendly and spontaneous, and I found myself invited to a dance down the road in a matter of moments. I couldn't go, having to keep a previous appointment. I took a taxi, and the driver said to me in his flat Cork accent, Yiss, yiss, a nice girl like you requires a nice night life. It was raining; we drove along past dripping trees. An old man sat on a bench waiting for the bus.

The Vineyard can be found in Cork City, County Cork.

From the Appletree Press title: The Irish Pub Guide.
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