Pipistrellus pipistrellus
Ialtog flheascrach

This tiny mammal with a most Iyrical name competes with the Pigmy shrew for the distinction of being Ireland's smallest. They both weigh about the same (about 5g) and have approximately the same body bulk.

The Pipistrelle is a widespread and common bat in Ireland, being found wherever there is suitable habitat. It roosts in or around roof spaces, soffit and fascia boards or around window frames and sills in older buildings. It is even found occasionally in electricity boxes and outdoor lamp casings. In winter the Pipistrelle usually hibernates alone, in cracks in the walls of older buildings like churches and in a variety of other nooks and crannies.

A single young is born after a delayed implantation period and it can fly within a few weeks of birth. The body fur of this little bat is brown but it is often quite reddish-brown. The underbody fur is light browish. The face is blackish and prominent. The ears are also dark, are longer than broad, and have a blunt (though narrow) 'tragus' inside.

The flight dimensions are: wing span 81/2in. (21.5cm); width 21/2in. (6cm).