Carduelis cannabina

The Linnet is a little finch associated most commonly with rough and uncultivated ground. At the breeding site the male Sings with tail extended and pleasant song. The male in breeding plumage has a red smudge on the breast and forehead; the remainder of the head is greyish and the back is brown. The female is duller. In winter, males and females are alike; both show distinctive pale flashes on the edges of the wings and tail.

Carduelis flammea

The Redpoll is rather like a small, slim linnet. In breeding plumage the male has reddish markings on the head and hreast. The fernale is duller, more ohviously streaked, and lacks the red smudge on the breast. Both have a black chin mark and clear pale wing bars. Redpolls are highly active feeders. The flock calls with a variety of twittering notes incuding a buzzing trill. They are recognizable, even at a distance, by their tiny size and cleft tail.