Irish Place Names

Faithche, 'lawn', 'field', 'exercise green'.

Fahan (Donegal)
Fathain, 'grave'.
The name refers to the monastic site here with a graveyard.

Do not confuse with

Fán, 'slope'.

An Gallbhaile, 'the foreigner's townland'.
The 'foreigner' here is English, and probably the Anglo-Norman Fitzgeralds, who settled here early in the Norman invasion. The name exists elsewhere, for example in Tyrone and Wexford.

Gallen (Offaly)
Mainistir Ghailline, 'monastery of Gallen'
Gallen Priory here is said to derive its name from Gallen of the Britons (Galline na mBretan), a chief whose own name has been translated as 'Dishonoured Spear'. The monastery itself, of which nothing remains above ground, was founded in the 5th century here by St Canoc.

Geashill (Offaly)
Géisill, 'place of swans'
Presumably the swans were on a lake by the castle here, or on the upper reaches of the Tullamore River.