Equestrian Irish Place Names

Leamanach (Clare)
Léim an Eich, 'leap of the horse'
The name must indicate some local incident or legend, although there are no clear records relating to the event. Chances are that it involved many of the elements of the story below.

Horseleap (Westmeath)
Baile Átha an Urchair, 'homestead of (the) ford of the throw'
The English name derives from a modern legend regarding the escape made here by Hugh de Lacy. His horse cleared the moat of the now-vanished Ardnucher Castle, after pursuit by his enemies. Alternatively it may refer to a point where the stream could be crossed on horseback.

Sally Gap (Wicklow)
Bearnas na Diallaite, 'gap of the saddle'
The Irish name, of which the English is a corruption, means 'saddle' in the geographical/ topographical sense of 'mountain pass'. Sally Gap is in fact a high crossroads in the Wicklow Mountains.