Irish Place Names

Mullingar County Westmeath
Irish: an Muileann gCearr
'the wry mill'

The name is said to derive from muileann, 'mill' and cearr, 'wrong', 'left-handed', meaning a mill whose wheel revolved anti-clockwise. But the second part of the name may actually be a personal name such as Carr.

Cunningburn County Down
Irish: Sruth na gCoinín
'stream of the rabbits' The English name is a part-translation (sruth, 'stream', 'burn'), part-corruption of the Irish name. (The former English word for 'rabbit' was 'coney')

Baltinglass County Wicklow
Irish: Bealach Conglais
'road of Cúglas'
The personal name Cuglas is said to derive from C. Ghlas, 'greyhound'