Irish Place Names

Hollywood County Wicklow
Irish: Cillin Chaoimhín
'St Kevin's little church'
The English name may have originated as 'holy wood', since there are a number of sites associated with St Kevin here including St Kevin's Bed (his hermitage) and formerly St Kevin's Chair, Cave and Well. A 13th-century document, moreover, gives the name in Latin as Sanctus Boscus, 'holy wood'.

Holywood County Down
Irish: Ard Mhic Nasca
'height of Nasca's sons'
The English name means what it says, and like Hollywood in Wicklow, was named Sanctus Boscus by the Normans. The reference is probably to the 7th-century church of St Laisrén here. The original Irish name here was 'Ballyderry' ('townland of the oak wood').<

Moira County Down
Irish: Maigh Rath
'plain of (the) ring-forts'
This is the popular interpretation of the name, but the Irish is almost certainly corrupt and the true origin therefore uncertain.

Moyra County Donegal
Irish: Maighreach
'place of the salmon'
This name may derive from Irish maighre, 'salmon' or else simply represent Maigh Ratha, 'plain of (the ring-fort). It is on the river Bay, which supports the first theory, but is also known as Myrath, which seems to support the second.

Movilla County Down
Irish: Maigh Bhille
'plain of the ancient tree'
The 'v' sound is from the aspirated 'Bh', as seen in the following sound-alike.

Moville County Donegal
Irish: Bun an Phobail
'end of the parish'
The English name is based on the final word of the Irish name ('ph' is pronounce 'f' or 'v').