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Ghosts in Ireland - supernatural, paranormal, occult, magic or myth, does a ghostly sprit's phantom-like apparition haunt the mill or is it a trick of the light in the dead of night?

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Viewers' sightings

GhostWatch - Latest Sightings

The ghostwatch in the old linen continues to attract dedicated visitors. In this, our latest update, we have compiled a selection of recent sightings by visitors who have watched the live web camera in the linen mill.

Many visitors have reported witnessing the printing press working late at night. We want to inform all visitors that this printing press is not in use, it is not connected to an electrical supply and we remain puzzled by reports that it works. We have suggested to the printers that it would be very helpful if they stayed in the mill all night to watch the printer but no one has yet agreed to undertake this investigation. The original investigation into the history of the mill indicated that a young woman, Helena Blunden, had died in the building in 1912. Several visitors have described witnessing a middle-aged man and a young child on camera. Our research has not yet uncovered identities for the child or the man but we will keep you informed if we succeed in naming these ghostly inhabitants.

I watched the web came for a total of 4 hours so far and have come to the conclusion that this most likely is fake. Non of the evidence has proven anything, the foot steps sound like an audio that could easily be down loaded for a cartoon. The only unusual thing I encountered was a slight flash on the feed from the cam being moved (I assume that was what it was). I myself live in a "haunted" house and don't doubt that things like this exsist, I just don't think the exsist here. I'll keep an eye out though and if something does turn up I'll be pleased to write back.

I saw somefuzziness at the top and to the left of the black cabinet. I can see through the bottom part of it.

Through the doorway into the other room there appears to be some sort of mist in the upper left corner of the doorway. I don't know if there is a window there, and this is some sort of light reflection. Seems to be there every day about this time.

Hi, In the left corner of the room the shadow of an woman!!(black dressed!)

I see a woman on the right side of the screen In front of the shelf with boxes on it........It is a profile of the woman from the left side of her body, can see the front of her body going down, is a magnificent sight, being a ghost hunter, her is just ingredible!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughters and myself were looking on webcam at the room and noticed the trash can moved and several different times there were boxes that also moved.This is the first time we logged on to this website.and it is really interesting.

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