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Ghosts in Ireland - supernatural, paranormal, occult, magic or myth, does a ghostly sprit's phantom-like apparition haunt the mill or is it a trick of the light in the dead of night?

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an list of some of our most frequently asked questions about the Ghostwatch. Click on the question you are interested in to find out more.

What is this all about?
Over the years, has anyone actually seen a ghost in the warehouse?
Have you had reports of more than one ghost?
Is there really a ghost in the building?
What should I expect to see?
Does anyone who has been there believe the mill is haunted?
Why are you doing this?
Are you trying to prove that the mill is haunted?
Are you interested in reports of 'nothing'?
At night, the machinery seems to be moving. Should it be?
Why are the lights on at night?
Why don't you switch off the lights?
Why don't you install an infra red camera, motion detectors, heat sensors, microphones etc.?
Why don't you show the time in Ireland on the webcam?
Why don't you put a clock in the room?
Is there a rational explanation for this?
Why not replace the clock?
Is there any connection to Helena?
Could the key have been for the clock in the print room?
How to report my experience or make a comment?
Are the night sounds real?
What about the moving doors?
How many live cams are there?
Is the panorama a live video?
Is there a man in the spinning room?
What is the best time to see something?
How often does an apparition appear?
What kind of equipment is used?
Is the camera concealed?
I have clearly seen a man dressed in blue near the printing machine - is this possible?
Why don't we see more people on the webcam?
Is the webcam in the place where the ghost is most likely to be seen?
Have you changed anything about the camera?
Why are cupboard doors left open, obscuring the view?
Why donít you put the camera in a quiet place?
Is the website office in the same building as the print shop.
Can you place the camera somewhere else?
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